Powder Coating ZA

powder coating ZA coloured powder

Strengthen an object greatly with powder coating ZA

Powder coating ZA, it is one of the most common methods of painting nowadays. No wonder: powder coating strengthens an object and extends its lifespan greatly.

Powder coating is not something only specialists can do. With the right equipment, you can DIY at home!

Furthermore; the method has more benefits. Take a look at these, for example:

  • Simultaniously increases durability and decreases need for maintenance
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Protects the surface from weathering
  • A real asset for industrial purposes; the process is easy to automatize
  • Eco-friendly; the powders do not contain solvents
  • Available in every colour of the rainbow!

Powder coating is always a method to consider when thinking of painting your project. But what is powder coating? How does it work? Which suppliers of powder coating ZA are around? Don’t worry: we are going to explain everything in this article.

Powder coating in a nutshell: methods and applications

First things first: powder coating is a method in which you – simply said – apply powder unto a heated surface. This can be done in two ways: electrostatic spray deposition and fluidized bed application. We’ll talk you through both of them:

powder coating ZA fluidised bed application

Example of fluidised bed coating

  1. Electrostatic Spray Deposition (ESD)
    The most used method of powder coating. It involves an electrostatic spray gun, a curing oven and an object (substrate) to spray it on. The spray gun applies an electrostatic charge to the powder, which are in turn attracted to the  (pre-heated) substrate. After application, the object is placed in an special type of curing oven where the addition of heat unleashes an chemical reaction. This results in a colorful and strong layer!
  2. Fluidised bed application
    In this method, the preheated object is dipped in a big tub of fluidized powder! As a result, the powder melts and will stick to the substrate. Curing in an oven afterwards might be needed, depending on the type of powder and the mass of the object. More efficient than spraying, but isn’t suitable for every object.

Not every surface can be powder coated: it can only be applied on substrates that resists high temperatures, like metals and a few wood or MDF-types.

Thanks to those two systems (and the benefits of the layer itself), powder coating is widely used. Here in South Africa, the coating is gaining more ground every day!

For example, you could use it on:

  • Car parts, like rims or exhausts
  • Machinery in working places
  • Aluminium (window) frames and doors
  • Radiators
  • Pipelines (for liquids or gas)
  • Agricultural vehicles and machines
  • Steel fences

List of powder coating companies South Africa

Have a professional powder coating project in mind? We’ve compiled a list of powder coating companies in South Africa near you, like Ferro VEDOC Powder Coating or Akzo Nobel.

Wondering what the costs are for powder coating? We got you covered with a list of powder coating prices ZA!

These are a few of powder coating suppliers in ZA:

Powder coating Cape Town
Powder Coating World
3 Link Cl, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, 7441
M&S Epoxy Powder Coatings (Pty) Ltd
9 Danie Uys St, Stikland Industrial, Cape Town, 7530

Powder coating Durban
Durban Powder Coaters
126 Malacca Rd, Red Hill, Durban, 4051
Kolor Kote Ltd.
12 Donald Ensor Rd, Glen Anil, Durban, 4091

Powder coating Pretoria
Quantum Powder Coaters
84 Diamond Street , Klerks Oord, Pretoria, Diamant St, Klerksoord AH, Alberton, 0118
The Mag Specialist
13, Dirk Smit Industrial Park, Jakaranda St, Hennopspark, Pretoria, 0157

Powder coating Johannesburg
Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings South Africa
14 Union St, Johannesburg, 1449
Ferro VEDOC Powder Coating
22 Atomic St, Vulcania, Brakpan, 1554

Not sure which powder coating company suits your project? Feel free to contact us! We are more than glad to give you advice or a quote.

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