Powder Coating Prices ZA

Powder coating gun spraying metal object

An overview of the powder coating prices ZA

Looking for powder coating prices in South Aftica; do you wish to let rims or wheels powder coated, or are you looking to apply powder coatings yourself?

Whatever the case, you may still be wondering; how much does powder coating cost? You have come to the right place!

Looking for more info on powder coating itself or specialists in South Africa? Read our article on powder coating ZA!

Average powder coating service prices (Indications)

Powder Coating Method Part that you Powder Coat Powder Coating Price
Car parts Drums 437 Zar
Coating Car parts Axles  2633 Zar
Car parts Prop shaft 900 Zar (excl. re-balancing)
 Car parts Gear box casing 1200 Zar
 Car parts Rocker cover 700- 900 Zar
 Car parts Wheels From 800 Zar
 Car parts Brake plate 500 Zar
 Car parts Bumber From  600 Zar
 Powder Coating Motorcycles Frame coating Up to 5300 Zar
 Motorcycle parts Wheels (front and rear) From 1700 Zar
 Motorcycle parts Wheel rim only From  700 Zar
 Motorcycle parts Sissy bar 500 Zar
 Motorcycle parts ZA Head lamp shell 400 Zar
 Motorcycle parts Engine covers from  320 Zar
 Motorcycle parts Brake rotor (disc) 380 Zar – 650 Zar
 Bicycle Parts Powder Coating Frame coating from 800 Zar
 Bicycle parts Front forks 320 Zar – 1150 Zar
 Bicycle parts (Coat) Rims up to 18″  210 Zar – 600 Zar
 Bicycle parts Rims up to 26″26 260 Zar – 600 Zar
 Garden furniture (Coat) Table and four chairs from 5300 Zar
 Mild steel coating Beams and plates  600 Zar per sq m
 Mild steel (powder) Galvanized steel  420 Zar per sq m
 Mild steel Aluminium/ stainless steel sheet 260 Zar per sq m
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