Chances are that you are using products with coatings right now!

For example the anti-reflection coating on your phone, tablet or computer screen. Or the invisible fireproof coating of the building you are in, the anti slip coating on the floor or powder coating on your desk. Coatings are becoming more and more intertwined in our daily lives. From Johannesburg to Durban. 

First there were only protective coatings and decorative coatings.  Now the demands of the building projects, architects & markets are changing.  The  smart, functional and reactive coatings are on the rise.  The South African coating market is changing and expanding and wea re here to help you match up with the best companies in the global coating industry.

Our mission is clear and simple: Connecting the world of coatings online.” We want to do this by making good matches between companies and by providing free valuable information to the companies / people seeking help in this industry.

If you are looking for industrial coatings, tailor made solutions or a partner/manufacturer, please let us know. We are happy to support you with free advice or to make a non-committal connection with the right coating partner for your coating request.

Coatings and Paints in South Africa

the solution for protecting steel structures is fire protection paint for steel
cargo ships in south africa protected with marine coating
powder coating South Africa coloured powder
Powder coating gun spraying metal object
anti graffiti paint in a tunnel makes removing graffiti easy
Illustration of how anti urine paint works
fire resistant paint in a burning hllway
South African Mango airlines airplane with aerospace coatings

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